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Jana's Pointe Shoes Collection

About a month ago I shared my collection of ballet flats, so now it's time to give the pretty pointe shoes the spotlight!

I have to admit, I love the process of pointe shoe fittings! It's like trying to solve a puzzle. I don't have overly complicated feet, but my longer second toe tends to be the biggest issue for me when finding a good fit. Here are the shoes I've worn in the past 12 years since coming back to ballet as an adult!

Freed Classic Pros - 1X, Cross Maker
Freed Classic Pros - No X, Anchor Maker

See them all in action with my thoughts on each in the video below!
- Jana

Friday Dance Links

A weekly round up of dance links from the adult ballet community + dance world.

If dancers delivered mail, it would never make it out of the warehouse!

Check out this lovely trailer for Ballet Austin's Romeo + Juliet (Abby's going this weekend and she's super excited!)

If you're uncomfortable taking class with professionals, read this perspective on a professional in a student's class.

Think outside the ballet studio to find a positive perspective in class.

Wendy Whelan's film, Restless Creature, that Jana saw in New York is now available on iTunes!

Abby's been into Ivan Vasiliev videos lately, and you can see why in this video of Flames of Paris.

Two big announcements this week: Robbie Fairchild is leaving NYCB and Daniil Simkin is leaving ABT!

This is an interesting study on aesthetically-relevant body posture changes in performing art over nearly 60 years.

And finally, Ryan Gosling said he takes open ballet classes. Surely somewhere in this community has taken or will take class with him and we better hear about it when you do! :)

And from us at BBN this week:
  • Jana shared on Instagram that she's been taking lower level classes to help work on technique.

    Happy Friday!
    - Jana & Abby

    Friday Dance Links

    A weekly round up of dance links from the adult ballet community + dance world.

    This clip of Manhattan Concert Productions' rehearsal of "I've Got Rhythm" from Crazy For You is a tapping treat!!

    Houston Ballet to Hurricane Harvey: "The show will go on!"

    Get to know ABT corps member Lauren Post in this fun interview from Cloud & Victory.

    Aran Bell (from First Position) is all grown up!

    Isabella Boylston is #goals in the studio and in the gym!

    And from us at BBN this week:

      Happy Friday!
      - Jana & Abby

      Got My Ballet Attack Back!

      Abby vlogs about getting back to ballet class after having to evacuate from Hurricane Harvey, and has a very important realization about her ballet attack!

      If you would like to contribute to hurricane relief efforts, please consider donating to the Texas Sealife Center, which has taken in additional sea turtles and wildlife affected by the storms. Monetary donations through Amazon are set up to be shipped directly to the TSC.
      Texas Sealife Center
      14220 S Padre Island Dr
      Corpus Christi, TX, 78418
      PayPal: texassealifecenter@gmail.com

      Jana's Ballet Shoes Collection

      Because there's no such thing as too many shoes, right?

      I don't know what it is about ballet shoes, or any ballet attire for that matter, that makes it so hard for me to get rid of. I have no problem throwing away magazines from last month, street clothes I don't wear, or household items that never get used, but ballet shoes that I never wear? Well, we must keep those!! :)

      I love trying new ballet shoes so I've acquired a small collection over the past five or so years (and a bonus old leather pair that has to be from at least nine years ago!). I had a fun time going through these and even wore a pair this week that I had completely forgotten about :)

      So Danca SD16
      Sansha "#1 Pro"
      Watch the video below and give it a thumbs up if you too love ballet shoes. And you don't even have to ask - I'm definitely doing a pointe shoes collection video next!

      - Jana

      New vlog! Hiking in Taos, New Mexico

      Happy Wednesday, everyone! We've got a fun little vlog for you on YouTube today. Last week I went to New Mexico with my husband for a short getaway after quitting my full-time job (more on that later!). One morning we did a 4 mile round-trip hike to Williams Lake in the Taos Ski Valley and I vlogged the journey there and back. And of course did some ballet posing along the way :) Enjoy!

      - Jana

      June & July Corrections

      It may be nearing the end of August, but nonetheless, June & July corrections are here! :) Areas discussed in the video are:

      • temps lié
      • staying lifted on the supporting leg
      • balances at the barre
      • balances a la seconde
      • movement from attitude to arabesque/developpe
      • grand battement a la seconde
      • promenade in retiré
      • pique arabesque
      • quick waltz turns

      There are some good basic reminders in this batch of corrections, so I hope you find something useful to take to your next class! 

      - Jana